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Lavoro agente immobiliare
Lavoro agente immobiliare

Class & Country Homes is looking for real estate agents

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Class & Country Homes is a real estate agency specializing in the sale and lease of prestigious residential properties and prestige commercial real estate properties in Rome. Our decades of experience on the Roman real estate market is synonymous with exclusivity, trust, seriousness, effectiveness and absolute dedication to our customers. For us, being a luxury property broker is a vocation and a privilege: our work excites us and urges us to excellence towards the customers who rely on us.


We are immediately looking for a professional figure with strong motivation and in tune with our brand.


We are looking for a sales consultant and real estate agent in Rome.


For us, the real estate agent must have good negotiation skills, solid moral principles and a consolidated set of personal and professional skills. This work implies a natural empathy towards all the people involved in the buying or selling process: our clients appreciate the discreet, kind, and at the same time scrupulous and professional ways, thanks to which they can feel perfectly at ease.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a professional who wants to recognize himself in the brand and in our values: you are a person who loves work, who aspires to achieve ever more important successes and who is committed in a synergistic way to the growth of the agency. You know how to move in a concrete way, with confidentiality, sobriety and perseverance. You are a pleasant, empathetic and affable person, capable of taking initiative. Manage your times as you please, with precision, but you are happy to collaborate with the team.


Of a good cultural level, perhaps you may have a background in law, architecture, humanities or social sciences. You do not lack legal and urban planning skills, or the willingness to understand these sectors better. You have a good communication skills, refined and coherent in the settings that require it, and a predisposition to sociability, even in exclusive circles. You have an excellent spoken and written knowledge of Italian and English. You have the ability to synthesize, write and use normal MS-Office software.


What are the responsibilities?

  • You will deal with the acquisition of new properties and real estate brokerage for leasing and sale.
  • You will be able to find and analyze all the documentation of the properties correctly and on time.
  • You will find the right solution in case there are problems to be faced and you will be able to collaborate with competent professionals (such as notaries, lawyers, architects, public officials) for the most complex practices.
  • You will be responsible for negotiations and relations with customers: you work for yourself and for the company, aware of its good reputation.


What we offer?

  • Our huge wealth of experience: that of a historic brand, with its solid reputation and a representative office in the center of Rome.
  • A workstation, with the use of company software, e-mail accounts, business cards and everything that enhances your professionalism. Our offices are technologically advanced and the meeting room is available.
  • The support of the secretariat and administration.
  • A consolidated centralized marketing activity: we were among the first real estate agencies to also believe in the possibilities of the web and we continue to invest heavily in online marketing, on our website and on specialized portals.
  • Marketing support: a professional in our team takes care of the writing and distribution of all our ads.
  • Our commissions: are objectively very attractive and proportional to the volume of business procured by the company.


What we cannot offer is the motivation: it should already be strong. We will know how to enhance it.


Is there a trial period?

We offer you a three-month trial period, with the aim of obtaining a sales assignment and a rental assignment. By definition, the real estate agent’s job is full time

What if I don’t have much experience?

If you think you are the person we are looking for, but you have little experience in our sector or in the brokerage of prestigious properties, we have also prepared a training course that lasts three months. It primarily includes the support of senior agents in acquisitions, real estate visits and negotiations. You will also have the opportunity to deepen the work of the other professionals of the team, from the secretariat to marketing. We will ask you for a permanent presence in the office and in the area for acquisitions. At the end of the three months we will evaluate with you the achievement of the objectives, similar to the trial period.


We will be happy to welcome your application through the email address:, or on LinkedIn.

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