Since 1958, Class & Country Homes International Realty boasts the most exclusive properties in Central Italy and especially in the Historic Centre of Rome.

Specialized in the sale and rental of prestigious properties in the historic centre of Rome, we have decades of experience in the Roman real estate market we are known for our:

Reliability and strong negotiation skills

Many of our customers have continued to rely on us over the years to manage their own prestigious properties. In some cases we have worked for generations of families from the grandparents, then for the parents, and today we work for the grandchildren of the same family, who trust our work.

Trustworthiness and professionalism

We carry out thousands of visits to luxury homes that are entrusted to us by the owners and we have a good network of potential buyers or tenants. Our customers appreciate the discreet, kind, and at the same time scrupulous and professional way we operate, and tell us they feel at ease with us.

Attention to the customer

We guarantee maximum attention to the different needs of our customers in terms of real estate. Our customers have very varied needs and we are used to meeting them.

Consulting and assistance

People have very varied life situations (family, personal, economic etc.) and people can find themselves in situations that require effective advice, based on real experience and on cases already solved. In these situations, our customers are always extremely satisfied with our consultancy and with the solutions recommended.

Online presence

We were among the first real estate companies to believe in an online offer to our customers. We have invested in an effective, well positioned and competitive website, which allows us to stand out in the huge amount of competitors in the sector. We also publish our ads with premium subscriptions on all major real estate portals such as,,,, and many others.

Effective Marketing

We use every useful marketing channel to sell and to lease  prestigious properties ( such as social networks, newsletters and national and international luxury real estate portals, etc.). Our marketing department takes care to create stunning photographic services, videos and copy suitable for the publication of luxury real estate ads, so that the properties are adequately valued.

Specializing in prestigious real estates

For years we have been passionately dealing with luxury homes in the city centre and in the northern districts of Rome, as well as  villas and country residences. We collaborate with other prestigious Real Estate Agencies to speed up the sale time of a property, and we make use of highly qualified professionals such as: Notaries, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Interior Designers, Craftsmen, as well as renovation firms.