Property for Sale Umbria – Apartment in Historical Palace in Amelia

Amelia (TR) - Umbria - via della Repubblica


Property for Sale Umbria

In the beautiful medieval historic center of the town of Amelia, 30 km from Terni, apartment of great charm in a historic building.

Property for Sale Umbria – One of the oldest Umbrian villages, with a perfectly preserved historic center, dotted with medieval churches, noble palaces and an immense artistic heritage protected by an impressive polygonal city wall.
A succession of stratifications that from pre-Roman times have constituted a complex and fascinating urbanization, between winding alleys and unexpected squares.

In a dominant position on the Amerini hills, the city is surrounded by a landscape of exceptional environmental value with lakes and waterfalls, valleys and hills as far as the eye can see, cultivated with vineyards and olive groves and surrounded by forests of oaks and holms.

A Historical Residence

Entering via Porta Romana, Via della Repubblica develops along one of the most important road axes of the Old Town and leads to the panoramic area of ​​the Belvedere and from which the evidences of past civilizations emerge with still well preserved passages.

The building is of medieval age, with access from a majestic travertine portal that hides a delightful courtyard with the well originally for water supply. From the courtyard, a large staircase leads to the covered walkway of the first and last floor of the building, where the entrance door is located.

Large Representation Spaces

A regular plan develops for 186 square meters and reveals how much this real estate unit constituted the salon of the noble palace.

Three large communicating rooms form the glimpse from the entrance. Frosted with frescoed dome ceilings, the halls are well lit. Alast room is now used as a bedroom and enjoys panoramic views of the valley thanks to a large window. The second bedroom is located next to the entrance.

The Maid’s Wing

As usual in these historic homes, the lounges are served by the staff quarter. It consists of a large kitchen with a dining area, a laundry room and a bathroom.

The Attic

Connected internally, on the upper floor, in the area under the roof is the attic of 40 square meters, which retains good heights and is well exploitable. Epi / G

Property for Sale Umbria – ID Immobile: V000297


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