Mansions for Sale in Italy: Noble Floor of Royal Palace in Abruzzi

Piazza Santa Margherita, L'Aquila, AQ, Italia


Mansions for Sale in Italy

In the heart of the historic center of L’Aquila, capital of Abruzzi Region, exceptional noble apartment for sale.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: Palazzo Pica Alfieri

Mansions for Sale in Italy, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture, is considered the main historic residence in central Italy and among the best examples of noble palace in the city of L’Aquila, queen of the Abruzzi. It still retains all the monumental design of the project of the great Roman architect Carlo Fontana, who restructured it in its present form in the eighteenth century.

Perfectly centered in the heart of the city, it occupies the north side of Piazza Santa Margherita, the most cherished landmark of the city and seat of the main institutional activities from its origins. Of exceptional historical importance, formerly Royal Palace and chosen by sovereigns, princes and high ecclesiastical dignitaries, the original structure dates back to the fifteenth century.

Immaculately restored thanks to an unprecedented collaboration of craftsmanship, materiality and engineering, it was returned to the city in all its grandeur and magnificence in 2018.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: inspired by the great Roman palaces

The imposing façade, perfectly coherent with the surrounding urban fabric, is astonishing. An iconic Baroque monument, it captures the point of view on the square with the magnificent double ashlar portal, emphasized by the four Doric columns that support the balcony, unique among the historic buildings of the city.

Crossing its portal, the architectural inspiration of the great Roman palaces is evident, Palazzo Farnese first. The Grand Staircase, due to its vastness, occupies the entire west side of the building.

But the solutions expressed for the façade can also be found in the vast courtyard, the heart of the building, with the rhythmic alternation in pairs of the large windows on the main floor, surmounted by the windows on the upper floor only on two sides.

Furthermore, the sculptural elements are inserted – with antiquarian taste – in a narration of the building’s history; the fifteenth-century coat of arms of the city follows one another, the relief of San Giorgio supported by an elaborate sixteenth-century capital and the San Michele.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: the noble floor for sale

Spectacular, one-of-a-kind residence, it occupies almost the entire noble floor of the building and can be reached from the spectacular grand staircase which welcomes guests with a monumental Farnese Hercules at its top. But the access is granted also through the new generation elevator that lands directly at the floor.

Immediately striking, the enormous volumes and the airness of all the rooms, symbol of the highly representative function that these spaces have covered in the last centuries.

An apartment of monumental proportion and unparalleled luxury, composed by a harmonious succession of richly adorned and frescoed halls.

The staircase leads first lounge, Sala dei Campanelli, beautifully frescoed on the large vault with trompe l’oeil perspectives. From here, climbing a few steps, you enter the private chapel and a small service apartment overlooking the secondary courtyard.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: the perspective of salons

But it is by going further that the long perspective of salons is revealed. A real ceremonial path which, starting from the facade balcony, reaches, unobstructed, the the studio’s balcony window, overlooking the second courtyard. Thus, the halls that take their name from the predominant color of the precious coverings, follow one another in an incomparable aura of rarity and splendour.

The red lounge, the last one on the south elevation, opens with a balcony on Piazza Santa Margherita. Overlooking the tall and dominant 13th century church of the same name and the most important institutional buildings in the city.

The most sought-after part of the noble floor is certainly the sumptuous and beautiful wedding bedroom – the alcove – preceded by the large reception hall with the majestic fastigiated fireplace. A proscenium in gilded relief stucco defines the passage between the living room and the intimate bedroom. Topped by a rare and sumptuous canopy in masterfully carved and gilded wood, it is completely lined with fine and rare damask fabrics from the Royal silk factory of San Leucio.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: the monumental gallery

But it is in the large and spacious “Marchesa Donna Evelina” gallery that the historical importance of this property is fully perceived. Unique in all of central Italy, it is an immense double-volume space, almost 11 meters high. Illuminated by 13 windows on two sides, occupies half of the facade.

The absolute protagonist of the long history of the building, it is the representative space par excellence, still today the exclusive meeting place of the nobility from all over Europe.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: a modern conception

The main floor is the the most coherent example of Italian Baroque. But in its magnificence it was conceived to be a set of organic spaces and of a very modern conception.

Thus, alongside the boundless rooms dedicated to receive, all those areas necessary for the functions of the building also extend away. A staircase and a private entrance are also dedicated.

Around the courtyard, for example, there is an apartment with access to the loggia and the courtyard with a porte cochere entrance. An enormous kitchen, then, is in a central position, followed by another large room dedicated to service functions. The newly installed lift also arrives here, from a private road serving the building.

There is also a delightful independent apartment on three levels, with a panoramic balcony overlooking the roofs of the historic city and the surrounding mountains.

Mansions for Sale in Italy: become owner of a monument

Even today, the manor performs the function of a private residence, guarded and cared for by the descendants of the family who have lived here for centuries. Never forgetting the institutional function it plays, continuing, as in the past, to be the exclusive home for cultural events, exhibitions and concerts in central Italy.

Buying the most exclusive apartment in the most important building in the Abruzzo capital is not just entering the history of L’Aquila with full rights. But also implies to become owners of a monument that has seen the events of the history of Italy and Europe in the last six hundred years as protagonist.

Elective headquarter for foundations, cultural institutes and international schools, but also perfect and current as a private residence, the property also includes its antique furnishings. Perfectly preserved, inlaid works of extraordinary cabinetmaking, but also rare parchment volumes, instruments, porcelain, silverware, paintings, tapestries and precious mirrors. Epi/E (164 Kwh/M2/Year)

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