Rome Center Flat for Rent: Elegant Apartment in Excellent Location

Roma Historic Center- Via di Monserrato


Rome Center Flat for Rent

Apartment for rent, 125 square meters in the heart of Rome and a few steps from Piazza Farnese.

Rome Center Flat for Rent near Via Monserrato, in one of the most beautiful and famous areas of Rome, not far from Via Giulia and Piazza Farnese. The 125 square meter flat is located on the third floor of a historic building with a lift. Well cared interiors, also thanks to a recent renovation that involved above all the bathroom and the kitchen. The conditions of the property are excellent, with views of both the street and the inner courtyard.

Rome Center Flat for Rent: 125 square meters and many possibilities

The renovation of the bathroom and kitchen made it possible to make the apartment even more welcoming and comfortable. The interiors are bright and partially furnished, with furniture in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in the dining room. In the corridor, on the other hand, fixed cabinets allow to make the most of the space and are very convenient for putting things in order.

The plan of the house allows maximum customization and the possibility of exploiting it in different ways according to the needs. For couples and singles, past the entrance we find a living room where you can relax with your guests, the kitchen, already furnished, the large dining room in which to organize dinners with friends and relatives, and a hallway which leads to the night quarters. There are large wardrobes, followed by a bathroom and a large master bedroom.

The beauty of this apartment is that it also allows you to get a second room, changing the use of space. In this case, after the entrance follow the living room and the kitchen. Then we find a bedroom, and the dining room can be located in the large hallway that divides the living area from the sleeping area. A bathroom and a master bedroom complete the property.

Rome Center Flat for Rent: a unique location in the world

The apartment is located in the Rione Regola, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Rome. Ancient palaces, narrow streets, restaurants and craft shops make this area of ​​the magic capital. Not far from via di Monserrato, the splendid Piazza Farnese and the colorful piazza Campo de’ Fiori. For the lease, a 3 + 2 year contract is required in the name of a natural person, with a bank guarantee and a security deposit. Tourist accommodation activities are not allowed. Epi / G (224 Kwh / Sqm / Year)

ID Immobile: A000304




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